I can help you with User Experience Design,
User Interface Design and Front-End
Development for Web and Apps

About Luis OGDigital Product Designer for Web and Apps UX/UI and Senior Front End Developer

I have 10 years of experience in UX, graphic and multimedia design across multiple industries. My passion is to work with User interface design and adapt to different interactive devices that are easy to use and accessible.

I spend most of my time figuring out ways to make interfaces more friendly. I design to improve lives and create emotional connections between users and products. I'm a positive thinker, always eager to learn new things and truly love what I do.

My life is research,
strategy, interaction design and code.

LAST PROJECT Goopy Augmented Reality Website

Goopy allows you to build augmented reality for digital platforms. With augmented reality, you can create and discover interactive content from objects and images such as newspapers, magazines, books, products, posters, postcards and artworks.

FEATURED PROJECTMasterCard® Platinum Regional Landing Pages

Front End Development and some UX for MasterCard® Platinum regional websites campaign 2015 for 9 Countries.


I worked as a designer for the Landing page develompent campaing 2017 of Viva Dominicana new network 4x4 in 4g.


General Branding, User interface design (UI) and User experience design (UX) for Fuss Mobile Medical App for New York City StartUp.

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Luis. You can also find me on Twitter, Dribbble, Behance and LinkedIn.

Dominican Republic, C/ Pedro Albizu Campos No. 16, El Millón
USA, 400 NW 7th street Miami Fl 33136
Email: logando@luisogando.com